- photography by marc vorwerk
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The Story Behind

🇬🇧 The Beauty of the Virus - Berlin in Times of Corona
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world in a jiffy. In big cities like Berlin in particular, life almost came to a standstill: the tinny, smoking traffic streams and congestions disappeared from the cityscape as well as the myriads of tourists and visitors at the landmarks and sights of the capital. Suddenly there was almost an eerie silence, because the noisy turbines of the aircrafts that were still heading for Tegel Airport at this time almost diminished to zero. Due to the lockdown imposed by politics the Spree and the side canals, normally overflown with passenger ships, seemed to be as smooth as a mirror. In some places you could even spot big fish on the river bed. A chance for people, plants and animals to reconquer or rediscover new or old habitats.

But Corona is not just an ugly specter. The virus has prescribed the always pulsating metropolis, being on the verge of an infarct, an absolutely essential bed rest. Clear air, lonely streets and peaceful rivers have given back the city an unexpected beauty. Especially at golden and later at blue hour which always bathe cities or landscapes into a sensual magical atmosphere, emerged very outstanding moods around the landmarks of Berlin. Capturing these moments with camera was and is a huge privilege.

"The Beauty of The Virus - Berlin in Times of Corona" is a unique photographic foray through twilight in Berlin. The result are opulent and majestic pictures whose grace and beauty you may never capture with a camera again. So, let’s go on a virtual stroll to experience "The Beauty of The Virus" in Berlin.

© copyright by marc vorwerk, berlin